Marketing research

International marketing research

Marketing research is a set of organized activities that help businesses gain information about their market and customers. Our experts at Pars Fidar Export Management Company help you make the right choice in exporting your goods and products and prevent you from wasting financial resources and time in choosing your best export market. What we present to exporters in an International Marketing Research Report includes the following topics:

  • General target market conditions in terms of political, economic, commercial, and cultural aspects
  • Define and analyze the amounts of imports of the desired product in the period of the last 5 years
  • Analysis of competitors and the amount of the exports of other competing countries and market share of the country of origin
  • Analysis of tariff and non-tariff rules and regulations for the export of the desired goods
  • Examine the market share of the target market for the product or product and set quantitative targets
  • Study of cultural indicators and business etiquette with merchants of the destination country
  • Examining exhibitions related to the product in the target country