Customs services

Export and clearance of goods by themselves requires a commercial card issued by the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Mines and approved by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. Customs formalities as defined by the Customs Cooperation Council worldwide means a set of activities that must be performed by the trader or his legal representative and customs; in order to properly comply with all customs laws and regulations until the goods are cleared. These activities include matching the goods in the customs with the documents, licenses, and certificates that the owner of the goods has submitted to the customs in order to clear the goods. Also, reviewing the relevant declarations and documents and ensuring the accuracy of the value of the goods declared to the customs are some of the main activities of these formalities.

If you have a product that can be exported to world markets in terms of quality, we, as your representative, will perform the customs formalities for you, and you do not need to have a commercial card for this purpose and to export your goods. For more information, please contact us.