About us

Pars Fidar Export Management Company was registered in February 2020 in Qom province. This company is a member of the Iranian Chocolate and Sweets Association, Qom Province Food Industries Association, and a member of Qom Province Chamber of Commerce. The human recourse of this company includes the CEO, Chairman of the Board, Sales and Marketing Manager, Legal Advisor, Marketing Expert, Sales Expert, and Business Management.

Pars Fidar Company, using various advertising tools, has participated in different international exhibitions such as the Dubai Gulf Food Exhibition in 2015, Oman Agrofood Exhibition in 2017, the Oman Ramadan Exhibition in 2018, and the China Small and Medium Industries Exhibition and has been present in the global markets. It also plans to participate in the 2021 Dubai Exhibition. In addition to attending international exhibitions and distributing catalogs and product samples, the company strives for branding in target markets with an annual budget of 1 million dollars.