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Pars Fidar Export Management Company is a leader in export management in global markets, with the aim of facilitating exports and developing trade relations of industrial units and business clusters with other countries, including CIS countries, especially Kazakhstan and Russia, Persian Gulf countries especially the UAE, neighboring countries, especially Iraq and Turkey, European countries, especially Germany.
Pars Fidar has the relevant legal licenses and is on the list of reputable export management companies of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran. Pars Fidar, with the approval of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran is the sole owner of a business center in Kazakhstan.
In order to facilitate the trade relations between domestic producers and the importers in other countries, Pars Fidar utilizes modern marketing methods, target market studies, and research to respond to the needs of importing some goods and services including foodstuff (including dates, Sohan, saffron, pistachios, nuts), machinery, construction materials (stone, cement, ceramic tiles), plastics (including pipes and fittings, hoses and raw materials including granules, polymers, etc.)
Using a strategic management approach and new and practical methods, Pars Fidar EMC will turn the existing opportunities into a lasting worthy advantage.



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